Thursday, August 20, 2009

An update of sorts

Just noticed it's been over eight months since the last post.
Time sure flies when you're not on blogger.

We were in a wedding.

We moved.

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Kim has been hard at work on taking summer classes and finishing up correspondence courses.
I'm very proud of her.
She has also been involved in tons of crafts.

I got laid off from Hart. I got an internship at Texas Parks and Wildlife. I finished up my assistantship at Texas State. I've been working on my thesis and this.

We both know that our current jobs will end or drop hours soon, so we've been trying to figure out what to do about that.

We're taking a trip to NYC the first week of September.

We're both ready for cooler weather.

Our new place doesn't have washer/dryer, so currently our sofa has a huge pile of clothes to be folded that got dumped there after the laundrymat.

Kim got my record player fixed for our anniversary. I've been listening to lots of old records.
I got her sewing machine fixed and she's done some sewing and we recently found a great old table and set it up in the guest/junk room for Kim to use for crafts and homework.

Alrighty... that's about it.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Break.

This is how I've been spending my days.

It feels good to be a gangsta. on TwitPic

This is a new sweater I got... I wore it for three days in a row.

<FW> on TwitPic

I've also spent a lot of hours working on this.

And I will be attending

Sunday, November 16, 2008

christmas time!

this is kim. not chris. even though the end of this blog is going to say it was posted by him, do not be fooled! he is not as funny and clever as i am, so i'm assuming you wouldn't have been confused anyways...

so...turns out I LOVE CHRISTMAS. every since we went on a walk through our ghetto neighborhood and someone had put up halloween lights, i've got the bug. it's finally cold here (well, at least for the day), and i've loved getting out my old coats. and drinking hot cocoa. and shopping! oh...i'm having so much fun buying presents for everyone. since chris and i are going to be away from our home over the holidays, we are going to have our own christmas here the weekend before. we are going to eat bad food, wear our pajamas, and watch christmas movies. i'm very excited. i've been working on stocking stuffers for his family and i love them. chris has been very gracious and allowed me to buy and buy and buy. (within reason...i have SOME control). all in all, i've been having so much fun and am very much looking forward to my first christmas as a wife.

enough of the mushiness, on to real life. school is coming to a close, for the semester at least, and chris and i are both looking forward to having some time to breathe. we talk a lot about how nice it will be when we don't have anything other than work going on. (and honestly, that happened this summer...and we were sooooooooooooooo bored.) marriage has gotten progressively better. our first few months were hard to get used to. i always say that chris was not someone that i would have chosen to be a roommate in the first place, so it's a little hard to get used to the way someone else lives...for THE REST OF YOUR LIVES. we have also started to train for a 5k, which, so far, we've had a good experience with. i think at the least, it helps us to have more of a schedule. i also got a new job which has made me feel a lot better about life. i get out much, much earlier and have three less kids. i think that explains enough. i am getting very ready to have a different job, which i most likely will attempt to do once i am finished with school in august.

anyways, that's a little update for all of you reader(s). sorry that we are fairly awful at updating. if it makes you feel better, we are also fairly awful at cleaning as well.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, we have been super busy since school has started.
if you have seen us, you are lucky, but if you have actually hung out with us you are very lucky, and if you are one of the maybe three people who have hung out with both of us at the same time, then you are one of only three people.


Kim got a new job. She gets to come home before 7 pm (praisaluljah!)

Chris got to keep his job and go part time at Hart and at TxState. (amen brother!)

We voted!

We mostly got the house unpacked. I took the last box to goodwill on Monday.

We successfully completed a marriage group at church and still like each other!

We host a dinner group every other Friday and call it Thank Goodness It;s Every other Friday! or TGIEOF!

Chris (I) is/am doing a homebrew co-op at church and have so far done a pumpkin ale and a lapsing shu-shong pine porter.

We won the privilege of hosting Thanksgiving for the Hoke/Johnson clan/don't have to drive to Lubbock.

Chris (I) went to Hawaii for their election day. It was boring and sad. He/I missed Kim.

... I hope I didn't forget anything.

In sad news, I spilt coffee on my laptop. In good news, I found a place that will fix it for $500 less than Apple!


For Chris' Bday we are doing this and this.

Start warming up your present giving hands, cause Noc. 29 comes sooner than you think!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

18 things to do before you turn 18...

so...the troutmans here are huge fans of reece's cereal, and now that peanut butter capn' crunch has bit the dust (r.i.p.), it's the only cereal that can offer us our peanut buttery needs. so i've noticed on the back of the box, that lately they've got this "do you like a challenge section" with "18 things to do before you are 18". so not only do i find this offensive that they assume that their biggest eaters (no pun intended) are under 18, but their list is completely lame. listen to this:

01: ride the world's biggest rollercoaster - dare to keep your eyes open and hands in the air for the whole ride.
um. so am i completely crazy to think that this is the lamest number one thing for me to do before i turn 18? this was not even a goal of mine considering the fact that i get completely sick on all things that move, but i've also seen shows about the lame-o's that travel around to all the different openings of roller coasters...and no thanks. maybe one of them wrote this list.

02: bungee jump! - scared? at 700ft, the bloukran's river bridge in south africa is the biggest.
so, i guess there are bungee jumping lame-o's out there too. seriously? if i'm under the age of 18, i doubt my parents would a) pay for and b) encourage me to travel across the ocean to jump off a cliff.

03: score the winning goal/basket - remind all your friends at every given opportunity.
okay reece's puffs. there's a higher chance that i would do the above too than score any kind of winning anything. scratch that. scoring at all. and encouraging you to be an ass about it? that's why the roller coaster and bungee jumpin' lame-o's didn't have friends and got into roller coasters and bungee jumping anyways.

04: win an award, trophy or prize - write that acceptance speech and thank the world.
luckily, the first part of this one is general enough that most people could do it, i mean even chuck e. cheese gives out prizes, but the acceptance speech. at the rate this call for social suicide is going, i'm guessing the next one is going to be "be homeschooled".

05: learn an instrument - no air guitar
okay. i was wrong about being homeschooled. this one was legitimate before it said no air guitar. that rules out all those kids that feel like being good at guitar hero means that they really can play the guitar, and in that case, no will be able to achieve this goal.

06: go backstage at a gig - it'll be something you'll boast about for years to come.
yeah. they said gig. that's all i feel i need to say about that one.

07: meet your idol - being a celebrity stalker might not go down too well.
gig? idol? and...i'm pretty sure to meet your idol, you might have to stalk them a little bit. and we all know that i don't have a problem with stalking...

08: play a part in your favorite tv show - be an extra and learn to speak without talking.
oh. okay. i'll just fly somewhere and walk onto set. since they said it that way!!

09: meet someone with your own name - with a world population of 6 billion is should be easy.
i find this really internet stalking creepy. and lucky for me, i met kimberly johnson when i was in pre-cal my sophomore year of high school. but i i have to find kimberly troutman. damn it.

10: make a discovery - whatever the discovery, make sure it is named after you.
am i the only one bored with these? what do they think? we are columbus? and going to step out and walk on new unfound land? or look into the sky with our weeny telescopes and find a new star that no TRAINED eye has found? i think someone's GIG is up.

11: get away with the perfect practical joke - be careful of retaliation, it could end in tears.
i'm pretty sure they were going to say the perfect murder but the h.r. department said that they couldn't for legal reasons. but, for their own benefit, i don't practical joke for my own fear of retaliation.

12: own a pointless collection - one person's junk is another persons prized possession.
um. there's one more way to alienate yourself. like collecting star wars toys??!!?? we all know what happens to THOSE people.

13: invent a word that makes it into the dictionary - maike it a part of your crew's lingo.
there they go using their late 50's adult lingo again. your "crew"? ugh. and also, making the dictionary and having my friends say a word are too completely different things. remember yidey? yeah. i made that word up. but it's not in the dictionary, so i have failed yet again.

14: conquer your biggest fear - if you're too scared, try hypnotism.
does anyone else find this a bit drastic for teenagers? if hypnotism doesn't work, try drugs, sex, and alcohol.

15: raise money for charity - get some exercise by signing up for a charity road race.
okay. this one is actually a little legitimate. i can't make fun of it.

16: pass your driving test the first time - go straight to the next task.
i was going to say that i never knew anyone who failed their drivers test, but then i remembered my own mother couldn't parallel park and had to retake hers. sorry mom.

17: complete a road trip coast to coast - route 66 originally ran from chicago to santa monica.
um...that's still not coast to coast. and what parent would let their teenager go and drive coast to coast after JUST getting their license (or at least i hope they didn't fail 16. there's no way to make that one up).

18: reach 18 years of age! - embrace old age.
if that's not morbid, they i don't know what is. "at least live until your 18 to know if you are a failure or not!"

so, being that a) this is lame, and b) i was 18 way before this was put out, i'm disregarding them all. and if that 50 year old collector, bungee jumping, roller coaster loving lame-o decides to write a 30 things to do before 30, i might consider a) attempting them, b) feeling guilty if i fail, or c) care nothing about them. knowing how this persons "challenges" are, i think i'll stick with c.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

new news

i'm sure all of you have been wondering and wondering what the good ol' troutman clan has been up to as of late.  and i can tell you with sincere honesty that it hasn't been much.  we are truly trying to live up to our doing nothing standards especially with school starting back for us both at the end of the semester.  boo for having less of a life than we do now.  we have watched a lot of movies, i have attempted many crafts, and chris has been brewing lots of things at home, which i think qualifies this as homebrewing.  i have been trying to take pictures of the house as each room is it's taking some time.  there are still a few more rooms to go, but for now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's our house!

this is our living room if you are looking into it.

here's the back of our living room.

and then, there's our grown up dining area (which we rarely eat in due to a wonderful invention called the tv tray).

here's our bedroom, which i pretend is a fancy hotel room.

so far, that's all that i have pictures of.  our kitchen used to be much cuter, but we recently got a portable dishwasher which completely threw off the feng shui.  and our bathroom used to be much cuter but our toilet seat broke and our floor got dyed black with hair dye.  and the guest room used to be much cuter, but the closet recently exploded and it's taking time to get it back shoved in there.  chris' room has pretty much always looked like this:

that really is a picture of chris' room.

we worked really hard to get our house organzied that now we can't find the strength to finish it.  i just hope it gets organized before the end of the month, because if it doesn't, it won't be touched again until we have to move again next year.

other big news (besides our purchase of a portable dishwasher that helps us to love each other more), i won a tetris tournament in the girls' division, and chris got third place.  it was a lot of fun and also very nerdy.  i would post some pictures...but our internet is completely slow.

we went to a friend's wedding last weekend where chris and i happened to run into my doppleganger 15 years ago.  it was strange and i couldn't quite decide if i should encourage her that things would get better or stab her in order to put her out of the misery that she would have for the next...well...many years.

did i mention that we got a dishwasher?

that about sums up our lives as of late.  if chris can think of something else to write about, i'm sure he'll come and post something.  someday.